Influential Women Collaboration
A Collaboration Between Mimi Chao & Rich Armstrong

In October 2020 Mimi Chao and I (Rich Armstrong) collaborated on a few pieces of influential women. It started with Mimi illustrating the portraits in her whimsical style, which I then worked on top of in my expressive abstract doodle style.

Who Are These Influential Women?

1. Angela Davis. A leader of the civil rights movement, since early days. She was named in Time’s 100 women of the year.

2. The US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. A pioneer for women’s rights, and an icon to many men and women. She passed away recently.

3. Gisele Bundchen. A super model, who uses her influence to champion sustainability and environmentalism.

Angela Davis
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Gisele Bundchen
Thank you for checking out our collaboration!

Check out Mimochai, Mimi’s independent storybook studio and shop, and Mimi’s Instagram profile. You can find me at TapTapKaboom and on Instagram.​​​​​​​

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