A Beginner-Friendly Guide to My Workflow
I created this tutorial to share my perspective on what makes digital painting so great. I go over my full setup, process, and a beginner-friendly version of my workflow using both Procreate and Photoshop.
Using an approachable class example, this class is great for people interested but maybe a bit intimidated by digital painting. I answer lots of common questions I know beginners have, because I had those questions too! 

Preview of the class example. You can easily follow along with your own drawing!

Class Outline
1. Intro to Class 
We start with a helpful overview to understand what exactly is and is not covered in this class. This is my personal workflow and tips I remember finding useful as a beginner. 
2. Class Project
Learn by doing—it really is best way to learn. Instead of just watching a video, this video covers how to make your own project that follows the class. 
3. Recommendations: Hardware Tools 
I go over my favorite hardware recommendations for different budget levels. I started on a tight budget with the cheapest Wacom tablet ($50), progressed to now having an iPad Pro & Cintiq Pro, and have tried many others in between. Don't let lack of a budget stop you, you don't need expensive tools to start learning. 
4. Recommendations: Software Tools
While this tutorial focuses on Procreate on iPad and Adobe Photoshop on desktop, I have tried a bunch of other apps along the way before concluding these were the best for me. I go over what I learned in this video. 
5. My Setup on Procreate
I walk through the various options and settings on Procreate and show you my own setup and favorite shortcuts. I highly recommend reading Procreate's own Handbook as well. 
6. My Process: Coloring
Now we're finally ready for the painting process! I start with basic coloring and how to use digital painting to your full advantage as a beginner. 

Hope that helps!

A preview of the coloring page download

Resource Downloads
As mentioned in the Intro and Tools class, here is the link to the free downloads you can use for digital coloring practice:
Free Sample Map + Garden Illustration Downloads (should automatically download as a .zip file)
More Resources
If you haven't already, be sure to check out the other posts for more tips on Getting Started with Drawing and My Favorite Digital Tools! I think this part is especially worth repeating:
'Don't compare yourself to others! It's so easy to log on to Instagram or Pinterest or YouTube and see the work of amazing artists and feel discouraged. Don't! They've been doing it for years and have thousands of hours of practice under their belt. They can freehand a beautiful painting not because they are innately better than you'll ever be, but because they have put in the time and effort behind the scenes. Only compare yourself to your last drawing. Look to others for inspiration and motivation. Once it starts getting discouraging, change your perspective or change the channel.'
Have fun! -M

Reviews like these motivated me to make this public/free on YouTube. Hope it's helpful to others!

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