Mindful Growth
In my newest Skillshare class, I share my own creative journey from lawyer to illustrator to full-time doing what I love everyday. More importantly, I translate my story into a framework that can be applied to anyone's path. 
"Mindful Growth" is a term I used to describe the pursuit of our life's meaning, connecting with our creative spark, and realizing our true potential in a more mindful way. It's working towards the creative dream without the burnout of hustle culture.  
New Skillshare members get a one-month free trial with any signup through the links on this page. And you can always watch the trailer for free.
What You'll Learn
We'll address thought exercises as well as specific practical advice on common hurdles, including:
- How to find and process your inspirations
- How to clarify your "Why"
- How mindfulness and the creative pursuit go hand in hand
- How to create a learning plan for your journey
- How to address time and money challenges
- How to deal with common fears 
- How to find your alignment with your purpose
Free Workbook (Limited Time)
To make this class even more approachable and actionable, I've created a workbook that guides you through each step. By the end, you'll have created your own personal roadmap for your journey.
This workbook is included in the Skillshare class. For a limited time, we are also making the workbook free for anyone to download and get a sense of the class!
Additional Resources
I put together a free Additional Resources document to complement the video class. It includes recommendations for beginning mindfulness meditation, great audiobooks about the personal hero's journey, similar Skillshare classes, and popular strengths tests. 

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