Mimochai Studio

Join my gently guided international drawing studio if you'd like to grow your artistic practice in a safe and welcoming space. Classes are available on-demand, along with monthly live events, a resource library, and direct interaction with me and our wonderful community 💛

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Watch on Skillshare

Most of my classes are also available on Skillshare, a creative learning platform with thousands of classes from lots of great teachers. It's a yearly membership of $168/year, which is a great value for the amount of content you get.

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What's the difference between the options?

Mimochai Studio: Special access direct guidance from Mimi. Attend live events, watch exclusive demos, find community support, and get new content every week, starting at $12/month.

Skillshare: Great for on-demand access to Mimi's classes plus hundreds of other creative classes from established artists and designers, all for just $168/year.

Individual Classes: I am offering my most popular classes for individual purchase starting January 2023. You will still access them via the Mimochai Studio platform, but without the community features and no monthly subscription.

Does Mimi actually give guidance in Mimochai Studio?

Yes :)

How much does each platform cost?

Mimochai Studio has two tier memberships at $10 & $27/month, with discounts available for annual membership.

Skillshare is $168/year as of November 2022, which is about $14/month.

Both are tremendous values given that many courses that are exactly what you'd find on these platforms are $300+

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes you can cancel anytime. On Mimochai Studio you have control over your own account and can do it directly without any fuss.

On Skillshare, memberships are managed by their team, but I know you can cancel the membership anytime by emailing them.

I still have more questions!

Please feel free to ask questions anytime by sending an email to hi [at] mimochai.com