My Sketchbook Drawing Tools

My Sketchbook Drawing Tools

I've tried many combinations of drawing tools and notebooks, and I finally found a pairing I really love. Here is what I'm currently using for sketchbook drawing: 

1. Faber Castell PITT Artist Pen Brushes: Made from permanent india ink so your sketchbooks actually have archival quality. Lovely color selection, doesn't bleed through the notebook I use. Not too expensive, about $3.50 each at your local Blick art store.

2. Midori MD Notebook: Affordable notebooks with a unique waxed paper that hols the PITT brush pen inks really well. No bleed even though the papers are thin. Comes in a few different sizes, I like the taller portrait size.

3. Midori MD Notebook cover: This is a nice way to protect your MD notebooks, which have quite thin covers. You can also stick things in the flaps.

4. Canvas Pen Roll: I really like pen rolls for keeping my pens organized by color. This one comes in nice colors and is also affordable.

That's it! I like keeping it simple. It helps me focus on the practice, and I can bring these tools anywhere. I keep a simplified version in my daily sling, and include a generic sienna-colored gel pen for quicker linework while out and about.

Find more detailed information and artist resources in Mimochai Studio 💛 -M


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