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Sharing insights on the interconnection between mindfulness & creativity.

Personal Story: Finding Your Own Path

Using my story from lawyer to full-time creative, I shed light on the process of facing fears, reconnecting with creativity, and finding one's true path. Beyond just inspiration I offer practical advice on how I made the transition, including the tools of mindfulness that I found most important. My example shows others that it's all possible.

Mindfulness for Creatives

As a certified mindfulness meditation teacher and practicing artist, I know first-hand how important mindfulness and creativity are to an individual's well-being. I introduce mindfulness concepts in a clear, approachable, and actionable way.

How it works

Talks typically last 20-60 minutes, while workshops typically last 1-1.5 hours.

Workshops can include short guided meditations and mindful drawing exercises that are tailored to the audience level.

Online virtual sessions are preferred, and travel will be considered.

Photos courtesy of Skillshare, from Day Job to Dream Job event at Shopify NYC (2023)

"Mimi is a gem of a speaker. Her story is so compelling, and her insights are inspiring and relatable. Plus she delivers it all with her characteristic charm, eloquence, and thoughtfulness.”


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